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A Walk in the Park Photography Tour

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A Walk in the Park Photography Tour

A Walk in the Park Photography Tour

Whether you use a traditional 35 mm camera or your smart phone camera, there are basic principles that apply to all good photography. Knowing these principles can take your photos from lackluster to brilliant! Join Tour Guide Carol for a walk through Gilchrist Park in Punta Gorda, with hands-on practical application of these principles using park features like trees, flowers, birds, the harbor, statues, landscapes, historic homes, people and selfies! You’ll receive one-on-one guidance from your tour guide, an experienced photographer. She’ll explain the fundamentals of good photography, give helpful tips, and evaluate the photos you take on the tour.

Tour guide Carol Bastable earned a B.A. in Fine Art and a Master’s degree in Art Education. The curriculum she studied  included photography courses – everything from camera apertures, shutter speeds and manual focusing to the darkroom developing process. However, she has found that having an artistic eye contributes as much or more to being a successful photographer. With great advances in digital cameras and smart phones, beginners no longer have a long technical learning curve. The biggest key to success is knowing what to put in a photo and how to place it effectively. Carol will show you how!

EXAMPLE: Both pictures were taken from inside of a house through a window. In the picture at left the stairs distract. In the picture on the right, the bear is in a more natural-looking environment, completely unaware of the human observing, and displaying a humorous pose that looks like he’s giving a high-five!

EXAMPLE: In the landscape picture at left, the hazy weather and busy foreground overwhelm the subject of mountains. In the picture on the right, taking a couple of steps back allow the plants and trees in the foreground to frame the mountains! Sometimes something as simple as waiting for the perfect cloud to come into view or waiting for distracting ones to leave the frame will render much better results in photos.

EXAMPLE: The picture on the left has a less interesting composition and unattractive distracting elements in the background. In the picture on the right, the composition is tighter and the tree branches radiate around the pumpkin head in a more dynamic way making this a really creepy Halloween selfie.

Tickets are $29.

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