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Invigorating Walking Tours

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Invigorating Walking Tours

Invigorating Walking Tour

Take a 2-hour walking tour through Punta Gorda, with a focus on fitness.

Your tour guide, Michelle, is a certified personal and rehabilitation trainer as well as a licensed massage therapist. She helps you learn how to use exercise equipment located near Fisherman’s Village, and leads you in vigorous walking exercises to maximize the benefit of the walk. During the walk, Michelle discusses the healthy benefits of outdoor exercise, answers questions and offers suggestions.

This tour is recommended for seniors, for people in rehab, for those starting to exercise and people who prefer walking in the company of others. The distance covered will vary from 1 ½ to 3 ½ miles depending on the participants’ ability and energy level.

Tickets are $39, and must be purchased in advance.

We’ll meet and end at the Gilchrist Park gazebo and circular court. (See map below.) Added bonus, there is music in Gilchrist Park every Tuesday starting at 6PM. Shake your maracas!

This tour is offered every Tuesday from 4-6PM until the end of December 2018. Tour date will change in January when Michelle resumes nursing school.

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