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Special Events

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Special Events

A Victorian Séance: Party Like It’s 1899!!!

Believers and skeptics welcome!

During this two-hour time travel adventure, you’ll learn about life in the Victorian era. The Victorian era was inspired by ingenuity and invention. It was an epoch of hope and possibilities, of adventure and romance, of exploration and discovery. The Steampunk movement is a celebration of Victorian ideals and imagination. Whether you’re a believer like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or a skeptic like Harry Houdini, you’ll enjoy:

  • a lively presentation about the zeitgeist of the Victorian age, the rise of spiritualism, and how these factors converged to influence the new town of Punta Gorda
  • a demonstration of the secret language of the fan as practiced by Victorian ladies
  • an introduction to standard supernatural communication tools like the talking board, pendulum, dowsing rods, paranormal investigation tools, etc.
  • a Victorian séance re-enactment
  • private access to a historic home

Tickets are $39 for adults 18 and over. Tickets must be purchased in advance. A percentage of the ticket price is donated to the Punta Gorda Historical Society.

What to bring: Reading glasses, as needed. A beverage.

Come as you are or come dressed as your favorite Victorian / Steampunk character.

Scheduled every Sunday in October at the Price House in History Park.

NOTE: The parking lot at History Park may be closed due to expansion and repaving throughout the month of October. Street parking is allowed along Shreve and W. Charlotte. But a more fun option is to park downtown at the free Herald Court parking garage and call the free electric car shuttle service, Nickel Ride, for a lift to History Park. (855) 937-3733

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