Haunted Mystery Tour

Join experienced ghost hunters for a memorable tour of ghosts, mysteries and mayhem.

Hear true accounts of paranormal activity in downtown Punta Gorda.

Take a leisurely stroll through historic downtown Punta Gorda after sunset. Your tour guides will lead you to sites with reported paranormal activity. You’ll hear about the town founders, admire authentic Victorian homes, visit the last artesian well, stand below our majestic banyan tree, and more!

Halfway through the tour, you’ll see a live demonstration of ghost hunting technology, and you’ll learn how to use dowsing rods and pendulums for spirit communication. Rated PG.

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Tours led by Dr. Phyllis Csaszar, PhD, Michael Petrosky and the crew from C.A.S.P.E.R. (Charlotte and Surrounding Areas Paranormal Entity Research.)

November 2022-May 2023
Saturday nights from 6-8 PM.

Adults $29 | Seniors 60+ $25 | Youth 15 and under $19 | Children in strollers (3 and under) free

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PG Rated for kids
Try your hand with dowsing rods or pendulums!
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