Richard J. Ferrara, Paranormal Investigator

Welcome Richie! We’ve worked together, and you’re my tour guide partner this season on the Haunted History of Punta Gorda Walking Tour. Let’s get to know more about you and what you do!

Here’s a video I took of you working with the spirit box at Indian Spring Cemetery at the graves of Dick Windham, George McGraw, and Virginia who married both men.

How long have you been a paranormal investigator?

I started doing investigations in March 2015 and I got certified through Flamel College in November 2015.

What got you interested in paranormal investigations?

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and as the field started growing I felt it was something I would enjoy doing so I completed the program in paranormal investigations, and I’ve loved it since.

Tell us about your first paranormal experience.

It was when I lived in New York. One night we went to a known party spot in the cemetery. It was in the section owned by the Vanderbilt family and a couple of friends and I went up there. As we hopped the fences and headed up the winding road we came face to face with a little girl who couldn’t been more than 10 or 12. She started running and we decided to go after her. We ran up the little section and hooked a right where we came upon a grave of a little girl about that age. We just looked at each other and couldn’t believe what had happened!

What tools do you use?

  • EVP recorder
  • Heat sensor
  • EMF detector
  • Motion sensors
  • Spirit box
  • Boo bear (a teddy bear for use when communicating with the spirits of children)
  • Cameras

What is your most recent paranormal experience?

Last Monday we had some activity at Indian Spring Cemetery. I have a couple of spirits where I live so shadow figures, strange noises and sensations happen daily for me.

What was your most memorable paranormal experience?

It was the first time I spoke to my dad. It was Easter 2016 and my brother and my niece wanted me to bring my equipment over just to see what I do, and not really expecting much. They would be in for a surprise! As I was using my meter to ask questions, it was quiet until I asked if my dad was there. Then it went nuts so we grabbed everything and set it up and took my dad’s baseball cap and placed it on my brother’s bed. As soon as we put it down it blew right off. We used the spirit box and sure enough we had a great conversation with Dad. We repeated it the following week as well.

What do you hope to accomplish as a paranormal investigator?

It’s still a young science that is growing and I would like my team to continue to grow with it. I would like to help solve mysteries and prove, without a shadow of a doubt, there is an afterlife.

You have an event coming up this month, is that right?

Yes, on Friday, August 17 from 7-9PM at All Aboard The Last Stop Marketplace located in the historic train depot in Punta Gorda. Tickets are a $25 donation and include a paranormal investigation, spirit communication, coffee and dessert!

Richard J. Ferrara

Richie is the founder of Richard J. Ferrara Paranormal Investigations. Richie and his team work entirely from donations, so don’t hesitate to call if you’d like him to investigate your property.
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